Ana is 31 years of age and a famous and renowned cavaleira in the Portugal arenas. She lives in SALVATERRA DE MAGOS in the Ribatejo province.

Every day she practises with the members of her family, even on the days between the corridas, in order to increase the trust of the horses in both their own capabilities and in the skills of their rider. After all, trust in the rider automatically brings about self-confidence.

Training a Lusitano takes several years but it is only when faced with a bull that the horse shows its real talent: the horse needs courage, obedience and intelligence. It has to be patient and passible, vigorous, fast and sensitive. But the horse's courage should never be allowed get out of hand since cockiness could be fatal for the horse and the rider!

The beauty and adventurous fascination of Ana's riding skills can even be experienced during training and are based on seemingly impossible figures carried out in the vicinity of a bull whilst constantly closely evaluating the response of the bull. A horse that has trust in it's rider will have the confidence to become one with her.

» Ana Batista about her work (PDF)